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I photograph because it’s my way of life. For example, I find it impossible to participate in a normal way when I go to a party on Friday or Saturday night, but when I participate through the camera, I feel fine. I have fun when I’m there with the camera so I don’t need to drink or dance.
Nikos Economopoulos
Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2005
Iraq After Saddam
Monday, Dec. 12, 2005
Happy Birthday, Old Blue Eyes
Friday, Dec. 9, 2005
Adolf Eichmann's Infamous Trial
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005
The Beatles at the Height of Their Fame
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On Dec. 14, 1995, the signing of the Dayton Accords marked the end of the war in the Balkans.

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA — A child with a gun, 1993.
© Gilles Peress / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
CrossingsInner-City Youth, London
by Alex Webb

A long-term look at life on the US - Mexico Border from 1975-2001.

Inner-City Youth, London
by Simon Wheatley

The youth and music of London's public housing developments.

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Book of the Week: <i>A Beautiful Catastrophe</i>
Book of the Week: A Beautiful Catastrophe
by Bruce Gilden
A Beautiful Catastrophe presents more than 20 years of images taken by lifelong New Yorker Bruce Gilden on the city’s streets. Working in a close-range, confrontational style, Gilden’s approach brings New York into startling focus, revealing a strange but familiar dreamscape that echoes Le Corbusier’s famous description of the city as "a beautiful catastrophe."
Family Around the World
Family Around the World
by Magnum Photographers
"Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays," sings Robert Allen and Al Stillman's familiar seasonal tune. Whether the prospect of spending time with relatives makes you cry with glee or sorrow, 'tis the season for family.
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