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A photograph is not created by a photographer. What he does is just to open a little window and capture it. The world writes itself on his film. And the act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing. He is the reader of the world.
Ferdinando Scianna
Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2006
The End of the Hajj
Monday, Jan. 9, 2006
Simone de Beauvoir: Famous French Feminist
Friday, Jan. 6, 2006
Searching for Buddha
Thursday, Jan. 5, 2006
For the Birds
Join the Fray
Join the Fray
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(c) Constantine Manos / Magnum Photos
Forty-one years ago, Congress began requiring tobacco companies to put the surgeon general's warning on cigarette packets about the effects of tobacco use.


© Constantine Manos / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
CrossingsBolivian Elections
The Evacuation
by Paolo Pellegrin

As part of a long-term project on Israel and Palestine, Paolo Pellegrin covered the planned evacuation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in August 2005.

Bolivian Elections
by Christopher Anderson

A commented diary about the rise of the left in Latin America.

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Book of the Week: <i>Zona</i>
Book of the Week: Zona
by Carl De Keyzer
While in Siberia for a photo exhibition and workshop, Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer had the chance to visit a local prison camp. Expecting Solzhenitsyn's grim gulags, De Keyzer instead toured what was "sort of a Disneyland ... a cheap amusement park." Captivated by the strange juxtaposition, De Keyzer returned numerous times to Siberia's gulags-turned-prison-camps. His work provides a window into this rare world.

Zoom In: Celebrating Martin Luther King
Zoom In: Celebrating Martin Luther King
by Magnum Photographers
In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Magnum presents an in-depth look at Dr. King and the civil rights movement.
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