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Many times you don't see things, and you go for days without a good picture. That's not the fault of the world — that's a matter of your receptiveness.
Ferdinando Scianna
Thursday, Apr. 6, 2006
Modern Mormonism
Wednesday, Apr. 5, 2006
Spring Showers
Tuesday, Apr. 4, 2006
Independent Senegal
Monday, Apr. 3, 2006
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Join the Fray
Join the Fray
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April is Jazz Appreciation Month.

UNITED STATES — American piano player and band leader Earl Hines performs with trombonist Jimmy Archey, cornet player and band leader Francis Joseph "Muggsy" Spanier, and drummer Earl Watkins, 1958.

© Dennis Stock / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
World of Changes
by Thomas Hoepker

Photographing for over 50 years, Thomas Hoepker has seen a world of change through his lens, from the Cold War division of his native Germany to the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11th.

by Harry Gruyaert

Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert draws creative inspiration from the places where earth meets sea. And while the shoreline may not be always be the main focus of his pictures, it forms a backdrop as regular as the pounding surf.

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Book of the Week: <i>The New Life, La Vie Nouvelle</i>
Book of the Week: The New Life, La Vie Nouvelle
by Lise Sarfati
Curator F. Javier Panera writes, "This new book by Twin Palms Publishers features a series of 50 photographs by French photographer Lise Sarfati. The photographs were taken in cities like Austin, Asheville, Portland, Berkeley, Oakland, Los Angeles, New Orleans and some small towns in Georgia.

In each of these portraits, Lise Sarfati dramatizes the complexity of adolescent identity: within unfamiliar territory — both emotionally and physically — where the simplest of feelings become exalted and everything is lived with an intensity that adults will never again be able to feel."

Zoom In: Poets
Zoom In: Poets
by Magnum Photographers
In recognition of National Poetry Month, Magnum and Slate present portraits of some of the greatest poets of our time.
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