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Life isn't made of stories that you cut into slices like an apple pie. There's no standard way of approaching a story. We have to evoke a situation, a truth. This is the poetry of life's reality.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Tuesday, May. 16, 2006
Empire State Building Turns 75 in May 2006
Monday, May. 15, 2006
San Isidro Feast
Friday, May. 12, 2006
Mother's Day (14th)
Thursday, May. 11, 2006
Gold Coast Independence
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Join the Fray
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(c) Gilles Peress / Magnum Photos
CANNES, France — The Cannes Film Festival, 1985.
© Gilles Peress / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
Chernobyl LegacyRequiem in Samba
Chernobyl Legacy
by Paul Fusco

The nightmare of Chernobyl continues to be a painful reality for those exposed to its radioactive fallout. In Chernobyl Legacy, Paul Fusco faces the human tragedy of the world's worst nuclear energy disaster.

Requiem in Samba
by Alex Majoli

Living in the poor favelas of Brazil, photographer Alex Majoli encountered a beautiful but violent culture shaped by the constant specter of death. During his time there, he also discovered a different outlook on life captured in the sounds of samba.

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Book of the Week:  <i>Pleine Mer</i>
Book of the Week: Pleine Mer
by Jean Gaumy
In this breathtaking and compelling book, photographer and sailor Jean Gaumy depicts the daily struggles of deep-sea fishermen on their open-deck trawlers, which are seldom used anymore. The dramatic black-and-white photos, taken during four long voyages between 1984 and 1998, are a rousing tribute to those who live for the catch, and to a disappearing way of life.
Zoom In: The Paris Riots of 1968
Zoom In: The Paris Riots of 1968
by Magnum Photographers
In May 1968, French students went on strike to advocate for education reform and protest a lack of jobs. Violence erupted, and the unrest spread across the country. Soon, workers joined the strike, virtually shutting down the entire country. Photographer Bruno Barbey documented the uprising, displaying the chaos for the rest of the world.
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