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The truth is the best picture, the best propaganda.
Robert Capa R
Friday, Jun. 2, 2006
Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989
Thursday, Jun. 1, 2006
Marilyn's 80<sup>th</sup>
Wednesday, May. 31, 2006
UN AIDS Follow-up Conference through Friday, 6/2
Tuesday, May. 30, 2006
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Join the Fray
© Martine Franck / Magnum Photos

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(c) Burt Glinn / Magnum Photos
UNITED STATES—Kennedy campaigns in a small town in Indiana, 1968.
© Burt Glinn / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
Pakistan 2005Requiem in Samba
Pakistan 2005
by Chris Steele-Perkins

The South Asia Earthquake that struck on October 8th, 2005 killed an estimated 73,000 people and left nearly 3 million homeless. Photographer Chris Steele-Perkins traveled with ActionAid to document the aftermath in Northern Pakistan, the area hit hardest by the quake.

Requiem in Samba
by Alex Majoli

Living in the poor favelas of Brazil, photographer Alex Majoli encountered a beautiful but violent culture shaped by the constant specter of death. During his time there, he also discovered a different outlook on life captured in the sounds of samba.

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Book of the Week: <i>Mirror, Mirror: Portugal As Seen by Magnum Photographers</i>
Book of the Week: Mirror, Mirror: Portugal As Seen by Magnum Photographers
by Magnum Photographers
June 10 is Portugal Day, also known as Camoes Day after the revered Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes, who died in 1580. In Mirror, Mirror, 13 Magnum photographers capture images of the country from the 1950s to the present.
Zoom In: Soccer Madness
Zoom In: Soccer Madness
by Magnum Photographers
The World Cup begins on June 9 in Munich, riveting fans around the world. Germany and Costa Rica kick off the monthlong tournament.
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