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Everything isn't black and white, but for me it might as well be.
Burt Glinn
Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2007
Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2007
Masterworks by Michelangelo
Monday, Mar. 5, 2007
Stalin Time
Friday, Mar. 2, 2007
Purim Partay
Join the Fray
Join the Fray
© Martine Franck / Magnum Photos

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(c) Ian Berry / Magnum Photos
In recognition of International Women’s Day, Magnum and Slate celebrate women.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic—1968.

© Ian Berry / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
Women's DayThe Oscar
Women's Day
by Magnum's Women Photographers

"The biggest problem that women have is being ambivalent about their own power ... We should be comfortable with the idea of wielding power. We shouldn't feel that it detracts from our femininity." -Elizabeth Wurtzel

The Oscar
by Magnum Photographers

The definitive ceremony for American popular cinema, the Oscars recognize excellence in acting, directing, and screenwriting. This story explores the intrigue, the ardor, and the occasional triviality of the Academy Awards, as seen by Magnum Photographers.

Magnum in Motion Video Podcasts
<i>Souffle, l'Art du Coeur</i>
Souffle, l'Art du Coeur
by Nikos Economopoulos
In Souffle, l'Art du Coeur (loosely translated: Breath: The Art of the Heart), Nikos Economopoulos presents his perceptions of everyday life in his native Greece and the nearby regions, through fleeting instances of visual harmony.
Sporting Women
Sporting Women
by Magnum Photographers
In honor of Women’s History Month, Magnum and Slate present women in the world of sports.

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