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I only know how to approach a place by walking. For what does a street photographer do but walk and watch and wait and talk, and then watch and wait some more, trying to remain confident that the unexpected, the unknown, or the secret heart of the known awaits just around the corner.
Alex Webb
Thursday, Apr. 12, 2007
Elephant Hospital
Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2007
Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2007
Sisters and Brothers
Monday, Apr. 9, 2007
The Ultimate Playboy
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Join the Fray
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(c) Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
© Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
GuantanamoBlood, Nails and Prayers
by Paolo Pellegrin

The U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay has become a controversial flashpoint of America’s “war on terror.” Magnum Photographer Paolo Pellegrin photographed the camp and its prisoners extensively in 2006. He also documented former detainees in London, Kuwait, Bahrain and Afghanistan.

Blood, Nails and Prayers
by Philip Jones Griffiths

The Philippines is the largest Christian country in Asia—where devotees take their religion very seriously. The wilder excesses of the faith are best seen during Easter festivities, when depictions of Christ's last days and re-enactments of obscure biblical stories culminate with human blood flying off the backs of self-flagellants and real crucifixions performed using six inch nails.

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<i>Sur la Route des Esprits</i>
Sur la Route des Esprits
by Abbas
Abbas is known for his in-depth coverage of monotheistic religions. Evolving from such work, this book takes you on his journey of discovery through a world less familiar, that of polytheistic and pagan rituals and their adherents.
Shape of a Man
Shape of a Man
by Magnum Photographers
Magnum and Slate present the second in a series of galleries that highlight the human figure. This gallery is the male counterpart to a previous Zoom In called “Silhouettes de Femmes.”

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