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Monday, Jun 11, 2007
The Life Aquatic
Friday, Jun 8, 2007
Tales of Two Cities: St. Petersburg
Thursday, Jun 7, 2007
Holy City!
Wednesday, Jun 6, 2007
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Magnum Founders
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Interactive Essays
American ColorLeaving the Ivory Tower
American Color
by Constantine Manos

In "American Color", Manos has created a set of fascinating images that engage both the eye and mind in repeated viewings and contemplation. Photographing mostly in exotic locales and at public events within the United States, Manos presents a kaleidoscopic view of American culture.

Leaving the Ivory Tower
by Werner Bischof

Compelled by the horrors of World War II to leave his successful career as a studio photographer, Werner Bischof became an important humanitarian force in photojournalism before being dying at the early age of 38.

Book of the Week
<i>The Black Triangle</i>
The Black Triangle
by Josef Koudelka
The Black Triangle is an exploration of the Krušné Mountains and Podkrušnohoří, where Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic meet. Coal mining has brought enormous wealth to the region along with industrialization and pollution. The book’s opening quote from Václav Havel—“Man is not an omniscient master of the planet who can get away with doing whatever he likes and whatever may suit him at the moment”—is illustrated by Josef Koudelka's images of waste heaps, smokestacks, and dried-up lakes, though Koudelka still manages to evoke the macabre beauty of this land.
Zoom In
Pops Is Tops
by Magnum Photographers
In recognition of dads around the world, Magnum and Slate say “Happy Father’s Day!”
Alex WebbQuote of the Week
My photographic process lies between extremes: one extreme is play, the other is discipline; one is confusion, another is structure. I move between these extremes and keep pushing—looking for more and more visual complexity while managing to hold the frame together.
— Alex Webb

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