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Tuesday, Jul 3, 2007
Montreal International Jazz Fest
Monday, Jul 2, 2007
West by Southwest
Friday, Jun 29, 2007
Highways and Byways
Thursday, Jun 28, 2007
Here Comes the Bride
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Join the Fray
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Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!
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Interactive Essays
Living ProofThe Self Assigned Photographer
Living Proof
by David Alan Harvey

In 2005, David Alan Harvey began photographing local emcees in the Bronx River Projects, home of hip hop's pioneers. Boogie Down thugs Uptown and Ruckus, became Harvey's self-appointed guides, bringing him inside their homes, their families, and their lives. From there, Harvey went to Hollywood, gaining access to Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Nelly. Going global to document the regional manifestations of a culture a mere three decades in existence, Harvey also traveled from Spain, France, and Gambia to Senegal, South Korea, and Thailand. (This essay contains explicit lyrics.)

The Self Assigned Photographer
by Dennis Stock

"I have been privileged to view much of life through my cameras, making the journey an enlightened experience. My emphasis has mainly been on affirmative reactions to human behavior and a strong attraction to the beauty in nature." -Dennis Stock

Book of the Week
<i>Made in Belgium</i>
Made in Belgium
by Harry Gruyaert
This book combines the work of two Belgian artists: writer Hugo Claus and photographer Harry Gruyaert. Both express the ambivalence they feel toward their country. Gruyaert avoided yielding to melancholy by forgoing black-and-white photography for the realism of bright colors, which allowed him to document two major Belgian phenomena: attachment to traditions and rapid Americanization. This conflict accounts for the variety of subjects shown in this book.
Zoom In
A Hard Day's Night
by Magnum Group
Made at the height of Beatlemania and directed by Dick Lester, A Hard Day's Night was the Beatles' first film and helped to cement their status as internationally recognized superstars. The classic film had its world premiere this month in 1964. Welsh Magnum photographer David Hurn spent several weeks on set, recording the filming process and capturing an informal portrait of the Beatles at work.
Micha Bar-AmQuote of the Week
If you're too close to events, you lose perspective. It is not easy to be fair with the facts and keep your own convictions out of the picture. It is almost impossible to be both a participant in the events and their observer, witness, interpreter.
— Micha Bar-Am

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