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Tuesday, Jul 17, 2007
What Happens in Iceland ...
Monday, Jul 16, 2007
Park It!
Friday, Jul 13, 2007
The Boston Busing Crisis
Thursday, Jul 12, 2007
Just Point and Shoot
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Join the Fray
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The Suburban Life
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Interactive Essays
The Self Assigned PhotographerPoint and Shoot
The Self Assigned Photographer
by Dennis Stock

"I have been privileged to view much of life through my cameras, making the journey an enlightened experience. My emphasis has mainly been on affirmative reactions to human behavior and a strong attraction to the beauty in nature." -Dennis Stock

Point and Shoot
by Philip Jones Griffiths

Throughout his long career, Phillip Jones Griffiths has poignantly documented violent conflict with unabashed honesty and disdain for its consequences. "I’ve covered many wars and seen what bullets do to flesh and I’m rather proud to say that I got all that macho stuff out of my system in my youth."

Book of the Week
by Susan Meiselas
This week in 1979, the Nicaraguan capital of Managua fell to Sandinista guerrillas, two days after President Anastasio Somoza fled the country. Susan Meiselas' photographs of the revolution in Nicaragua form an extraordinary narrative, showing what rebellion in the Third World involves. Meiselas returned to Nicaragua to interview the participants in the revolution. Excerpts from these interviews, edited with the help of French journalist Claire Rosenberg, accompany the more than 70 images in the book.
Zoom In
Le Tour de France
by Magnum Photographers
The Tour de France, cycling’s biggest and most highly regarded event, takes places from July 7 to 29 this year.
Jean GaumyQuote of the Week
Taking pictures is like fishing or writing. It's getting out of the unknown that which resists and refuses to come to light.
— Jean Gaumy

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