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Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007
Ingrid Bergman
Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
Monday, Aug 27, 2007
Let's Go Surfing Now!
Friday, Aug 24, 2007
Viva Mexico!
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Interactive Essays
The Beatles2007 Nominees
The Beatles
by David Hurn

Brian Epstein took the job as manager of the Beatles after hearing them play at a small club. He became "The Other Beatle." Magnum In Motion is proud to present David Hurn’s photographs of “A Hard Day’s Night” in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Epstein’s death.

2007 Nominees
by Magnum Group

For the first time in two years Magnum Photos welcomes new nominees. Mark Power and Peter Marlow give their insight into the nomination process which is rigorous to say the least.

Book of the Week
<i>In the Wake of Katrina</i>
In the Wake of Katrina
by Larry Towell
Larry Towell's photographs, taken in the days following Hurricane Katrina, make no attempt to be a comprehensive account of events or to offer analysis. Towell's haunting and poetic landscapes, many of them panoramas, depict the devastation and the lives of some of the victims. This is an intimate documentation of the hurricane's impact.
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Hurricane Katrina
by Magnum Photographers
This week in 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in one of the worst weather-related disasters in the United States in a half century. Magnum and Slate remember the victims of the storm, as well as those who are still rebuilding their lives.
Larry TowellQuote of the Week
If there's one theme that connects all my work, I think it's that of land-lessness: how land makes people into who they are and what happens to them when they lose it and thus lose their identities.
— Larry Towell