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Thursday, Sep 6, 2007
Bearded Men
Wednesday, Sep 5, 2007
50 Years of <i>On the Road</i>
Monday, Sep 3, 2007
Summer’s End
Friday, Aug 31, 2007
Lady Diana
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North Korea
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Interactive Essays
The Beatles2007 Nominees
The Beatles
by David Hurn

Brian Epstein took the job as manager of the Beatles after hearing them play at a small club. He became "The Other Beatle." Magnum In Motion is proud to present David Hurn’s photographs of “A Hard Day’s Night” in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Epstein’s death.

2007 Nominees
by Magnum Group

For the first time in two years Magnum Photos welcomes new nominees. Mark Power and Peter Marlow give their insight into the nomination process which is rigorous to say the least.

Book of the Week
<i>En Afrique</i>
En Afrique
by Raymond Depardon
Since 1960, Raymond Depardon has photographed Africa's “infinite places and times,” often during his travels while filming. “A whole lifetime would not be enough to claim to know Africa,” says Depardon.
Zoom In
The London Blitz
by George Rodger and Robert Capa
After the fall of France during World War II, the German air force conducted a series of intense air raids against Great Britain. London was bombed for 57 straight nights, beginning Sept. 7, 1940, and the raids continued throughout the spring, killing 43,000 civilians, injuring more than 140,000, and damaging or destroying more than 1 million homes. George Rodger and Robert Capa were there to capture life in London during the Blitz.
Raymond DepardonQuote of the Week
I'm coming from journalism, but at the same time I'm tempted by poetry, politics, and maybe the idea of being a witness—a belief that you can still change things with the image. Sincerely, deep down inside, I believe it.
— Raymond Depardon