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Friday, Sep 7, 2007
North Korea
Thursday, Sep 6, 2007
Bearded Men
Wednesday, Sep 5, 2007
50 Years of <i>On the Road</i>
Monday, Sep 3, 2007
Summer’s End
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Join the Fray
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Sew Me
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2007 NomineesMalaria
2007 Nominees
by Magnum Group

For the first time in two years Magnum Photos welcomes new nominees. Mark Power and Peter Marlow give their insight into the nomination process which is rigorous to say the least.

by Chien-Chi Chang

Each year 350 to 500 million people are diagnosed with Malaria. This essay documents the life and struggles of Africans affected by the disease and the tangible steps people are taking to eradicate it. To donate a lifesaving malaria bed net go to

Book of the Week
<i>77 Strange Sensations</i>
77 Strange Sensations
by René Burri
Many of René Burri’s images have become icons of the 20th century—Che Guevara smoking a cigar, a group of men on the roof of a skyscraper, architect Le Corbusier—but to many, those works are just the tip of the iceberg. Burri and Dino Simonett worked together for two years re-editing and discovering “unseen” images from Burri’s immense archive, culminating in this book, published in honor of Burri’s 65th birthday. 77 Strange Sensations presents a personal, completely subjective "fountain-of-youth-selection" of Burri’s work, each photograph capturing and revealing to us at least one "strange sensation." (This gallery contains some nudity.)
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Four Little Girls
by Magnum Group
On Sept. 15, 1963, four black girls, ages 11 to 14, were killed when a bomb went off during Sunday-school class at a Baptist church in Birmingham, Ala. Later that day, two black youths were killed in the riots that followed. Magnum and Slate present Birmingham during the moments surrounding the violent attacks.
René BurriQuote of the Week
I suddenly had to chase after my pictures ... Pictures are like taxis during rush hour—if you're not fast enough, someone else will get there first.
— René Burri