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Friday, Nov 23, 2007
Love Your Turkey Day
Thursday, Nov 22, 2007
Love Your Turkey Day
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007
Isaac Bashevis Singer and the Lower East Side
Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007
Day of the Child
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Join the Fray
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Interactive Essays
Convention on the Rights of the ChildHotel Afrique
Convention on the Rights of the Child
by Magnum Group

This essay, curated by Peter Lucas and produced by Magnum In Motion in conjunction with Cyberschoolbus, begins with text that explains, "the rights of the child are human rights," and goes on, through the voices of children, to highlight what those rights are.

Hotel Afrique
by Stuart Franklin

This essay is a journey into a part of African society that is rarely represented. In Africa’s most poverty-stricken parts there exists quite a different quality of life where people are apparently disengaged from the harsh realities that surround them.

Book of the Week
by Richard Kalvar
Richard Kalvar is a master of capturing instances of strange reality. His images conjure a broad range of emotions, but particularly humor. His book, Earthlings, which will be released in the United States in September, includes the best of his work throughout his extensive career.
Zoom In
Today's Pictures Turns 2!
by Magnum Group
Magnum and Slate’s collaboration on Today’s Pictures began Dec. 1, 2005. This week’s Zoom In features 20 of our favorite images from the last year.
Raghu RaiQuote of the Week
A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever.
— Raghu Rai