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Monday, Dec 31, 2007
And a Happy New Year!
Friday, Dec 28, 2007
Magnum Photos of 2007
Thursday, Dec 27, 2007
In Memoriam
Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007
Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004
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In With the New
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Interactive Essays
Happy New YearEmpty Orchestra
Happy New Year
by Magnum Photographers

Fireworks, dancing, lots of champagne and promises to do things better next year. Anticipation, celebration, hangover. This essay celebrates the ritual of New Year's Eve. Magnum wishes everybody a happy one.

Empty Orchestra
by Chien-Chi Chang

One night and one roll of film. Chien-Chi Chang's photographs of "a night in a karaoke bar" explore a different scene from that which we are used to in western-world karaoke establishments.
He evocatively captures the other side of karaoke culture in which divorced or married Vietnamese women entertain Taiwanese men, portraying what some suggest is a new "concubine phenomenon" emerging from Karaoke culture in certain parts of Asia.

Book of the Week
<i>The World Is Young</i>
The World Is Young
by Wayne Miller
The World Is Young is a profound and loving book by Wayne Miller, a former principal assistant to Edward Steichen. Each photograph is an exploration and celebration of the simple pleasures of childhood.
Zoom In
Awkward Dinner Party
by Magnum Photographers
Nearly everyone has been subjected to awkward and unfortunate dinner parties or similar occasions, especially during the holidays. Magnum documents some such events, in hopes that you have better luck.
Antoine D'AgataQuote of the Week
It's not how a photographer looks at the world that is important. It's their intimate relationship with it."
— Antoine D'Agata