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Friday, Jan 18, 2008
Thursday, Jan 17, 2008
Spooky Like Poe
Wednesday, Jan 16, 2008
This Week in Iran ...
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2008
Operation Desert Storm
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Join the Fray
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In Memoriam: Martin Luther King Jr.
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Interactive Essays
Chicago's South Side 1946 - 48Empty Orchestra
Chicago's South Side 1946 - 48
by Wayne Miller

[What] makes this human race of ours a family[?] We may differ in race, color, language, wealth, and politics. But look at what we all have in common - dreams, laughter, tears, pride, the comfort of home, the hunger for love. If I could photograph these universal truths, I thought that might help us better understand the strangers on the other side of the world - and on the other side of town.
-Wayne Miller

Empty Orchestra
by Chien-Chi Chang

One night and one roll of film. Chien-Chi Chang's photographs of "a night in a karaoke bar" explore a different scene from that which we are used to in western-world karaoke establishments.
He evocatively captures the other side of karaoke culture in which divorced or married Vietnamese women entertain Taiwanese men, portraying what some suggest is a new "concubine phenomenon" emerging from Karaoke culture in certain parts of Asia.

Book of the Week
<i>India Notes</i>
India Notes
by Raghu Rai
This weekend, India celebrates its 58th year as a republic, after gaining independence from Great Britain. In recognition, Magnum presents some highlights from Raghu Rai’s recent book, India Notes.
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Remembering the Holocaust
by Magnum Photographers
Jan. 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Magnum presents images of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and of the concentration camps.
Bruno BarbeyQuote of the Week
Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.
— Bruno Barbey