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Monday, Jan 28, 2008
This Week in Vietnam ...
Friday, Jan 25, 2008
Roman Holiday
Thursday, Jan 24, 2008
Winston Churchill
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2008
House of Dior
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Join the Fray
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People Who Live in the "Axis of Evil"
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Interactive Essays
Martine Franck: A Way of CommunicatingSilicon Forest
Martine Franck: A Way of Communicating
by Martine Franck

From her geometric studies to expressive landscapes and vibrant portraits, photographer Martine Franck uses black-and-white photography as "a release from the distraction of color."

Ms. Franck studied art history at the University of Madrid and at the École du Louvre in Paris. After graduating, she went traveling with a borrowed camera. That marked the beginning of a beautiful exploration of people and the world through the eye of a lens.

Silicon Forest
by Christopher Anderson

In 1958, the USSR constructed a remote Siberian town, Akademgorodok (Academic City), where scientists were placed to advance Soviet scientific research. Since its creation, top Soviet scientists worked there on theoretical genetics, the Soviet space program, and the development of nuclear weapons directed at the United States, until the crumbling of the USSR in 1991. Today, they devote their skills to the former enemy, capitalism, by providing technical support to Western firms.

Book of the Week
<I>Telex Iran</I>
Telex Iran
by Gilles Peress
This week in Iran in 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned from exile, and days later, the military disbanded. This book contains powerful images from Gilles Peress’ coverage of Iran in 1979-80, while the revolution was at its height.
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I Love New York
by Magnum Group
This weekend in 1653, New York City, then New Amsterdam, was incorporated as a city. Magnum celebrates the great city of New York.
Bruno BarbeyQuote of the Week
Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.
— Bruno Barbey