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Friday, Feb 8, 2008
Singin' in the Street
Thursday, Feb 7, 2008
Happy Year of the Rat!
Wednesday, Feb 6, 2008
The Work of CORE
Tuesday, Feb 5, 2008
Join the Fray
Join the Fray
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I love working on stories that get left behind in the race for the daily headlines—journalistic orphans. Often, the most worthwhile and convincing images tend to lurk within the hidden, oblique stories that fly just below the radar.
— Jonas Bendiksen
Pedigree Parade
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From the Shah to Khomeini: The Iranian Revolution
On Feb. 11, 1979, the shah’s pampered army surrendered to Khomeini’s mullahs, ending more than 2,500 years of continuous monarchy. A revolt had turned into a revolution when the whole nation rose up gradually against the authoritarian regime. Is it the fate of every revolution to be confiscated by its more extremist elements? Hopes of a genuine democracy were crushed when the mullarchy—by manipulating the American diplomats hostage crisis—turned Iran into a militant Islamic Republic.

I covered Iran in the early ’70s, then the revolution as an involved witness for 18 months—this was my country, my people, my revolution, at least at the beginning. Here is my vision, with kind help from Ludwig.

Book of the Week
<i>Between the Sexes</i>
Between the Sexes
by Elliott Erwitt
"From an early age," writes Elliot Erwitt, "I perceived a striking difference between men and women. As I grow older, that perception deepens." A record of a long fascination with the subject, Between the Sexes is a wonderful collection of Erwitt's photographs from around the world, in which he exemplifies the differences and the similarities between the sexes.