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<a href=" " target="_parent"> InSight America</a>: American Family by David Alan Harvey<a href=" " target="_parent"> InSight America</a>: Obama City, Japan, by Chris Steele Perkins<a href=" " target="_parent"> InSight America</a>: Springsteen Concert for Obama in Philadelphia<a href="" target="_parent"> InSight America</a>: Youngstown by Alex Webb
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Book of the Week
Losing Ground
Losing Ground
by Donovan Wylie
Starting in 1993, Donovan Wylie spent a total of two years photographing the lives of “New Age Travelers.” His work, split into two parts, documents the daunting journey of this community through their physical travels as well as their personal paths through life.
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I don't care so much anymore about 'good photography.' I am gathering evidence for history.
Gilles Peress
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