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A Greek Portfolio
A Greek Portfolio
by Constantine Manos
While living in Greece for three years, Constantine Manos traveled the countryside seeking to capture in photographs the character and beauty of a way of life virtually unchanged for centuries. These pictures record his wanderings in places where the only sound might be the distant tinkling of sheep bells, where hospitality for the stranger is a sacred tradition, and where time has stood still against a backdrop of rural simplicity and serenity. His book, first published in 1972, has become a sought-after classic. For this new edition, Manos has gone back into his files to find previously unpublished images that further enhance the beauty and depth of this body of work. We present his work in celebration of Greek Independence Day, March 25.
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By choosing a precise intersection between subject and time, [the photographer] may transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and the real into the surreal.
Constantine Manos
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