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Friday, Oct 12, 2007
The Mexico City Olympics, 1968
Thursday, Oct 11, 2007
In the Office
Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007
Happy Times With Beer, Again
Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007
How Bazaar
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Join the Fray
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Award-Winning Work Series
Part II: The Balkans
(c) Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
Burma: Behind the ConflictLibera Me
Burma: Behind the Conflict
by Magnum Photographers

The current conflict in Burma is just the latest symptom of a political and social disorder that has plagued the country for decades. In this essay, writer and columnist Brendan I. Koerner, whose latest book led him to an extensive research trip to Burma, comments on the background of its current troubles.

Libera Me
by Alex Majoli

This story is a personal exploration of loss, separation, heaven and hell. Inspired by Pirandello's play "Six Characters in Search of an Author,” Majoli elaborates on the notion that we are all "actors of life."

Book of the Week
by Chris Steele-Perkins
In this book, Chris Steele-Perkins has selected images that evoke his memories of 2001 while creating a sentimental, odd, striking, and intensely personal work.
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Award-Winning Work Series
Part II: The Balkans

by Nikos Economopoulos
In this body of work, which won the Mother Jones International Photography Award in 1992, Nikos Economopoulos shares his extraordinary vision of the people of the Balkan Peninsula, a fragmented environment shattered by ethnic, religious, and territorial warfare. The images show how the people of the Balkans carry on with the business of living—with marriages and funerals, farming and street games—despite the unmistakable air of volatility that surrounds them.
Wayne MillerQuote of the Week
The more I worked at it, the more I felt I could begin to see the world through my subjects' eyes, and the more I realized the task was endless.
— Wayne Miller