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Quote of the Week
I like to think that a good body of work is like a collection of poems, each of which is a perfect thing. Collectively they make an important statement about the world and about how the photographer feels.
Constantine Manos
Friday, Mar. 10, 2006
On the Road
Thursday, Mar. 9, 2006
The London of Virginia Woolf
Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2006
International Women's Day
Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2006
Slavery in Niger
Join the Fray
Join the Fray
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(c) Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos
DUBLIN, Ireland — A horse show, 1962.
© Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
HoepkerThe Revolution
World of Changes
by Thomas Hoepker

Photographing for over 50 years, Thomas Hoepker has seen a world of change through his lens, from the Cold War division of his native Germany to the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11th.

The Revolution
by Burt Glinn

When rebel forces ousted Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, photographer Burt Glinn was there for the riotous aftermath, recording the chaos and excitement in Havana’s streets and traveling with a young rebel leader named Fidel Castro.

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Book of the Week: <i>Magnum Ireland</i>
Book of the Week: Magnum Ireland
by Magnum Photographers
Magnum Ireland brings together many previously unpublished images taken by more than 30 Magnum photographers recording six decades of the nation, its history, and its people. From Inge Morath's coverage of the Puck Fair to pictures by Chris Steele-Perkins and Ian Berry that capture everyday life on the occupied streets of Belfast, this book showcases Ireland and all its complexities.
Zoom In: Times Square
Zoom In: Times Square
by Constantine Manos
New York City's Times Square can be a magical place, especially when dusk settles and the brilliant neon lights illuminate it. Photographer Constantine Manos captures the tourists and New Yorkers bustling through this landmark destination.
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