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Friday, Jun 15, 2007
Gotta Feel for My Automobile
Thursday, Jun 14, 2007
Che Guevara
Wednesday, Jun 13, 2007
School's Out: Let's Play!
Tuesday, Jun 12, 2007
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Join the Fray
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Lady Liberty
(c) Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
M*A*S*H* IraqNo Whisper No Sigh
M*A*S*H* Iraq
by Thomas Dworzak

As the US military fights to gain stability in Iraq, doctors, nurses, and medics are working on the front lines to keep the casualties down. Thomas Dworzak was embedded with the 44th, 50th and 115th Medical Companies in Iraq.

No Whisper No Sigh
by Magnum Photographers

This introspective photo essay was built around the concept of silence—from societal silence surrounding madness to that most personal silence that stems from the intense desire to express oneself and unburden the soul.

Book of the Week
<i>I Do, I Do, I Do</i>
I Do, I Do, I Do
by Chien-Chi Chang
Chien-Chi Chang’s pictures of Taiwanese weddings offer a skeptical look at the institution and industry of marriage. I Do, I Do, I Do reveals conflicts that the artist, then a 41-year-old unwed man with three younger sisters and no brothers, felt about the concept of marriage and all the traditional family pressures that it involves.
Zoom In
That's Funny
by Magnum Group
In celebration of Magnum’s 60th birthday, this week’s Zoom In highlights the cooperative photograph agency’s sense of humor.
Richard KalvarQuote of the Week
The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That is what has always excited me about photography.
— Richard Kalvar

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