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Quote of the Week
The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That's what has always excited me about photography.
Richard Kalvar
Friday, Sep. 1, 2006
Maoist rebels in Nepal
Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006
Kyrgystan in Focus (Independence day, 8/31 1991, from Soviet Union).
Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2006
The Dogs of Rarotonga
Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006
Remembering Katrina II
Join the Fray
Join the Fray
© Martine Franck / Magnum Photos

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(c) Jean Gaumy / Magnum Photos
BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan—2000.
© Jean Gaumy / Magnum Photos
Interactive Essays
This Little Backyard of MineIn the Wake of Katrina
This Little Backyard of Mine
by Micha Bar-Am

Micha Bar-Am was filmed and interviewed only days before the war with Hezbollah. Here, he scratches the surface of his fifty-year career as he reflects upon the conflicts and anxiety around him. Filming every major conflict from Israel's foundation to the present day, Bar-Am tries to make sense of his country's history and the way it has intersected with his own dilemnas and conflicts.

In the Wake of Katrina
by Larry Towell

Between September 3-11, 2005, Magnum photographer Larry Towell and Mississippi novelist Ace Atkins set out to document the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina—the worst natural disaster in US history. Driving from Bayou La Bartre, Ala. to Grand Isle, La., they encountered the victims of the storm and the horrible imprint it had left behind. This is what they witnessed in the wake of Katrina.

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Book of the Week: <i>The Unretouched Woman</i>
Book of the Week: The Unretouched Woman
by Eve Arnold
In this striking tribute to women, Eve Arnold's collection of celebrated photographs captures the faces of the ordinary female in various walks of life from around the world.
Zoom In: Negative Space
Zoom In: Negative Space
by Magnum Photographers
Negative space occupies the area surrounding the subject of a photograph—the positive space. One is not definable without the other. This week, Magnum and Slate highlight the power of negative space in photographic composition.

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